Pamplona is one of the cities in Spain where you can eat the best.

One of the most popular ways of eating is eating pintxos with friends, hopping from bar to bar. This allows you to enjoy the best options, the best pintxos, depending on the specialty of each cuisine.

In Pamplona there has always been a tradition of going out for pintxos but for a few years now, the people of Pamplona have established a new pintxo route, on Thursdays after work, called Juevintxo. “It is really fun and delicious to walk around Pamplona on a Thursday afternoon, especially if the weather is good, and enjoy the many options.

And, if you are in Pamplona but you have nowhere to stay or you prefer to spend a couple of nights enjoying “living in the old town of Pamplona”, what better way than to stay in one of our accommodations in the Old Town?

We are, as always, at your disposal for any questions in our email,

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